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Stephanie McCarthy, Founder, Bridging Pathways

As a practitioner and coach, Stephanie draws on evidence-based approaches in leadership development, positive psychology, adult learning, organizational development, and positive organizational scholarship to enable individual and collective growth. 

A natural bridge builder between people, ideas, and possibilities, Stephanie brings over a decade of experience working with leaders and groups in healthcare and higher education to design, develop, and deliver experiences which enable more fulfilling engagement at work. 

Broadening her work experience, Stephanie holds a Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London where she conducted research in the areas of group coaching and positive relationships at work.


Stephanie is a European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Accredited Coach at Foundation level. Additional formal credentials include a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education, and a Chartered Professional in Human Resources designation. A lifelong learner, Stephanie also holds Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Coaching Out of the Box, and Clear Leadership certifications. She has also engaged in Existential Coaching training, Trauma-informed Coaching Certification (ongoing), and the Integrative Development Practitioner program. 

Stephanie resides with her family on the West Coast of Canada, where she finds delight in gardening, cycling, and hiking. 

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